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Hi Jack Lang here. This website covers a lot of the logistics involved in building an underground bunker. I'm not a doomsday extremist by any means. I just created this blog because I see this as a very practical matter which may end up saving your family's lives in the event of a potential tsunami, nuclear radiation, oil spills, asbestos emissions, bomb blasts... really just about any worse case scenario. So please check out my blog and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Why Build Underground Survival Shelters?

There are several reasons why a person or a group of people could be interested in constructing an underground survival shelter. Some of the most common reasons are the following:

-The impending “doomsday” prophecy.
Some people believe that the end of the world is close and they are ready to invest a lot of money on a shelter to ensure their survival, protection and safety.
-Disaster preparedness.
With the non-stop flow of news regarding mass deaths due to natural calamity effects, one could opt to build a safe room in case disaster hits their area next.
-Preparation for war.
You will need a sanctuary from the effects of nuclear bomb explosions and fallout. Modern shelters are built to have very thick concrete walls that could help diffuse radiation if ever there will be a radiation blast.

Let’s talk about the first on the list – The end of the world prediction. This prediction struck a worldwide fear in people both young and old. Many have started thinking of ways to survive the tragic day. The best solution is to have a place to hide. So, when 2012 began many have been hectically buying, building shelters and stocking up on food and water supplies. Many shelter-building companies like Hardened Structures say that this year, the demand for shelters increased dramatically. No wonder Vivos, a company that sells room spaces over the web, has a lot of people interested in purchasing their services. Vivos is an underground community built as a precautionary defense and refuge in case the “doomsday” prediction happens. Select few from a pool of applicants are invited to stay in their facility for a price.

The next reason stated above is “disaster preparedness”. Everyday we hear news about a town or a city that was damaged, sometimes even destroyed by a natural event like an earthquake, a tsunami, a hurricane, a tornado, or occasionally, a volcanic eruption. Shelters have saved a lot of lives in the past and continue to do so. This is most likely why more and more people choose to build an underground shelter. Whatever happens above ground, occupants will remain safe inside their shelter.

It can be safely said that the last reason above is the top reason why people build shelters. With today’s technology, missiles are just a stone’s throw away from any country. With one push of a button, an entire site could be erased from the map. Lucky if you survived the explosion, but if you are close enough to the center of impact, you are just not safe yet. Running is worthless in this kind of situation – in a few minutes, fallout will catch up to you and it will kill you. The best chance you have for survival is to take cover in the deepest underground shelter. An underground shelter will protect you from the blast and fallout. It would work best with a blast door and will keep your family alive as long as you have enough food, water and other basic needs and supplies to help you survive for a month.

Everybody can become a victim to any of these disasters. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Have an underground survival shelter built for you and your loved ones’ protection.