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Hi Jack Lang here. This website covers a lot of the logistics involved in building an underground bunker. I'm not a doomsday extremist by any means. I just created this blog because I see this as a very practical matter which may end up saving your family's lives in the event of a potential tsunami, nuclear radiation, oil spills, asbestos emissions, bomb blasts... really just about any worse case scenario. So please check out my blog and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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An Underground Bunker for your Family

Many people are threatened by the rise of natural calamities. Every year at least one extreme catastrophic occurrence can be heard about – high-magnitude earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcano eruptions, radiation blasts from solar flares and many more. The number of these occurrences is still escalating at this moment and their effects could be felt throughout the whole world. If it has not affected your area, it doesn’t mean it is a 100% safe. Hearing and seeing this horrible news on the TV, on the internet, and other sources of media, disaster preparedness should come as an instinct nowadays.

In times of disaster, you do not think about your material wealth; you think about the more important thing that matters – the safety of each member of your family, maybe even your family pet. The best protection? An underground survival bunker for your family.

An underground bunker, although designed to ensure the people inside survive, can also be a safe place for your important documents and material possessions. Aside from natural calamities, it also protects you from crime and disasters brought about by man, namely, nuclear and chemical plant leaks, radiation leaks and bomb or missile explosions. It keeps you “far” from harm, you may say, since a survival bunker is almost impenetrable without the right tools and equipment.

Not too long ago, during the Cuban missile crisis to be specific, underground bunkers were built to serve as a safe haven from aerial attack missiles and bombs. There was an entire secret system of bunkers and tunnels underground that provided shelter against harm. Since then, several people, especially in the US, had this idea of creating a bunkers and shelters right in their backyards as a safety precaution. With the help of today’s technology, bunker manufacturers continue to develop tough, weatherproof, fire-resistant and durable bunkers for home use.

People who are just starting to build their houses should also consider setting up an underground survival room on their property for a number of reasons.
-They serve as a safety precaution in case disaster hits your area.
-The level of security of a family owning a survival bunker is higher than those who don’t own one.
-It is a family’s resort for their survival in case of violent home invasions.
-It could serve as a vault for your valuables, documents and most precious items.

Build an underground bunker facility for your family now. As the saying goes, “it is better to be safe than sorry”

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